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Vrouwelijke tandartsen en burn-out: de risicofactoren : Een literatuur onderzoek

(2010) Resh, P.

Background: Burn-out is an important issue in dentistry. It is considered as an
occupational hazard. The main factors influencing the risk of burnout are age, working
hours, the amount of patient files, household type and lifestyle of the dentist. Another
important factor maybe the gender of the dentist. Since female dentists are becoming
more the norm in dentistry, it is of interest to focus on this group.
Material and Methods: In this literature study the factors are determined that are the
major contributors for developing a burnout in female dentists. Moreover, these factors
are also studied for female general practitioners, as this is a comparable profession.
We consulted 11Pubmed11 and 11Scopus11 for articles related to female dentists and burnout.
Results: This study showed that female dentists are not at much higher risk for
developing a burnout compared to their male colleagues. Risk factors that play a role in
this group are mainly the number of patient contacts and working hours. Moreover, age
might slightly affect the risk of burnout. A factor influencing the risk of burnout in a
positively way was combining work with family.
Conclusions: This literature study showed that in general the differences in risk factors
between male and female dentists were small. Important are factors such as an active
attitude and maintaining social contacts that can reduce the risk of burnout.

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