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Exploring processes of social influence that affects support-resistance behaviors of employees participating in an Electronic Patient Record development

(2015) Gols, Marileen

Participation of employees during IT development was found to improve the success of IT implementation. Because the social environment is considered as an important factor in the emergence of adoption behaviours of employees in general, it can be expected that social influence also play a role in the behaviours of participating users. Therefore, this qualitative study aims at improved understanding of how social antecedents influence support-resistance behaviours of participating users through mechanisms of social influence. The case study was conducted in the complex, and therefore, interesting setting of a large teaching hospital. We conducted interviews with thirteen of the fifteen participating users from different departments and with different professions (physician, nurse, other) that participated in an EPR development. Data from the interviews in combination with documentation were analysed and it was found as expected that social influence play a role in the support-resistance behaviours of participating users. Social identity, social norms, colleagues’ opinions, and social network could be identified as social antecedents of social influence. Compliance, identification, internalization, social contagion and the status quo bias were recognized as mechanisms through which the social antecedents seem to influence the support-resistance behaviours of participating users. Thereby this study provides the first insight into the role of social influence on behavioural reactions of participating users during EPR development.


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