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Building an information product for cycle time analysis

(2015) Meerman, Jurjen

Governmental regulations require from hospitals to comply with certain cycle times for patients. Measuring this cycle time and complying with this information request proves to be hard for certain hospitals. An in-consistent way of storing data and ad hoc ways of process modelling adds to this prob-lem. This overarching research project takes place at a Large Teaching Hospital in The Netherlands (LTHN). By analyzing the oncology clinical pathway, and designing the data model blueprints, this research tries to provide a consistent way of answering the data requests from the government. This is done in three different research projects. The first research project analyzes the current oncology clinical pathway and designs the process in BPMN. The second research project translates this BPMN process to an ORM model to encapsulate the data requirements to generate patient cycle times. The last research project validates the research and designs forms for the actual end-user to serve as an input for the data request. The focus of this thesis is on analyzing the current oncology clinical path-way and designing the process in BPMN.


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