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The evolvement of stakeholders' focus of attention in the context of a failing project

(2015) Burgsteden, Joost van

Currently, Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are becoming the standard within healthcare institutions. However, although these systems provide many benefits, hospitals are struggling with the implementation of EHRs.

In order to provide some insight in the difficulties related to these implementations, the central aim of this paper is to study how the issues voiced by stakeholders have evolved over time during a failed EHR project within a large teaching hospital. By combining theories about stakeholder and issue management and using Pettigrew’s (1987) classification of process, context and content related issues, seventeen issue sub-categories were identified.

Results & conclusion
The majority of them were perceived as threats during the project, yet two of the sub-categories evolved from being perceived as an opportunity towards becoming a threat over time. Also, it turned out that stakeholders raised different issues at different moments during the failed project, meaning that some of the voiced issues were only mentioned at the start of the project, while others surfaced later on. Moreover, the results show interdependencies exist between some of the issue sub-categories.


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