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Conditions for multi-site team level improvement

(2016) Alst, Lotte van

“Teams are essential components in making change happen.” (Cawsey et al. 2012, p. 279).

Organizations that implement an organization-wide change, experience that the implementation effectiveness may differ per department, unit or team. This qualitative research offers insights in the team level factors that influence these differences in the implementation effectiveness of an incremental, planned change. The study builds strongly on the theory of organizational readiness for change by Weiner (2009). His original model was refined so that the determinants and outcomes at team level could be tested.
Insights are obtained by a case study in a single healthcare setting. Two years after the implementation of an organization-wide planned change, it turned out that the various teams adopt, adapt and accept the change to different extents.
The results of this research show that the readiness for change within a team, heavily influences the team’s experienced implementation effectiveness. Besides, team climate and structure highly influence the perception of the team about the change. Especially, the role of the team leader, the team vision, participative safety and input from the team appear to be important team related factors influencing the implementation effectiveness at team level.


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