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The concept of micro-merging within professional services: a case study in the dutch healthcare industry

(2017) Blouw, N. (Nadine)

Although the literature on mergers and acquisitions (M&As) is quite advanced, analyses of micro-mergers—mergers of internal functional units within the same organization—remain limited. Clarification is needed regarding micro-mergers and their effects on performance. Therefore, this case study investigated micro-mergers within professional service firms (PSFs), specifically focusing on healthcare providers. Thereby, this study addresses the following research question: How do different types of micro-mergers affect the performance of PSFs?
Thus, it examined the various types of micro-mergers and the relationship between the type of micro-merger and PSF performance. In addition, it focused on the factors moderating the relationship between the type of micro-merger and PSF performance.
This study analyzed data on three cases within University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). Twenty-one semi-structured interviews provided the bulk of this data. The results demonstrated that Napier’s (1989) typology of mergers also applies to micro-mergers, since all three types of micro-mergers (extension, collaborative, and redesign) were identifiable.
None of these micro-merger types led to a decline in the PSF’s performance. The collaborative and redesign micro-mergers led to an increase in the PSF’s performance. Furthermore, the results indicated that merging syndrome moderates the relationship between the type of micro-merger and PSF performance. Moreover, two factors affect the severity of the merging syndrome: equivalency and feelings of unity (social identity).
Regarding future research, researchers should explore whether these results hold true for other micro-mergers. Furthermore, the conceptual framework proposed should be further explored in a quantitative matter by measuring PSF performance. Regarding managerial implications, management should be aware that governance has significant effect on the micro-merging process. Thereby, communication is key to reduce uncertainty and stress, so as to create high levels of trust.


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