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De invloed van volle zuivelproducten op recidiverende bovenste luchtwegklachten bij kinderen

(2012) Korf, E (Elske)

Recurrent upper respiratory tract complaints are a prevalent disorder in young children. In this clinical trial it has been hypothesised that a daily intake of 200 ml full fat milk or full fat yoghurt and the use of butter results in a reduction of upper airway complaints. This is based on the assumption that milk fat contains substances that help restore the fatty acid balance. On top of that, there could possibly be a positive effect of the vitamins A, C and E. Therefore, in this study we investigated the following question: Could the use of full fat dairy products reduce recurrent upper respiratory tract complaints in children? An intervention group and a control group were used. The study has a pre-test post-test design. The outcomes are: fever, colds, wheezing, rasping and coughing. Also the Body Mass Index was determined at the start and at the end of the research period.
In the intervention group this research shows a significant reduction of the mean number of days with complaints per month. For example, the number of days rasping per month was reduced from 16.3 (SEM = 1.5) to 6.0 (SEM = 1.0) days per month (p < 0.000). The results of the control group though, present a significant reduction as well: at the start of this study the mean number of days with complaints of rasping was 11.2 (SEM = 1.9). At the end of this study this mean number of days was reduced to 2.6 (SEM = 0.6) (p < 0.000).
There were no significant changes of the BMI (p= 0.660). Although the outcome of this study does not give an answer to our hypothesis due to the high number of drop-outs in the control group, it is important to repeat this study with a good control group to investigate this possible new treatment of recurrent upper airway complaints.

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