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Prevalence of Psychiatric Comorbidities among Women Undergoing Autologous Breast Reconstruction

(2016) Becherer, B. (Babette)

Background. Patients undergoing mastectomy and autologous breast reconstruction (BR)
are required to have sufficient and long-lasting coping mechanisms. Although mental health
problems are a widespread problem in the United States, information regarding the
prevalence of psychiatric diagnosis among this patient group is lacking.
Methods. Retrospective analysis was performed using data from a large tertiary teaching
hospital. Additionally, this was compared to nationwide data provided by the Nationwide
Inpatient Sample (NIS) database. Patients undergoing autologous BR were included and
divided into different psychiatric diagnosis groups. Prevalence of each disorder, the moment
of diagnosis, and data per age group were reviewed.
Results. In total, 26,804 patients (2008 – 2012) were included in the comparison of
institutional data and nationwide data. Pre-operative, 15.3% of the patients were diagnosed
with a psychiatric disorder within the institutional database, and 17.6% in the NIS database.
There was no significant difference in prevalence between the two databases.
For the analysis of moment of diagnosis and different age groups, institutional data from 817
patients (2004 – 2014) was utilized. Post-operative, an additional 20.5% of the patients were
diagnosed with one or more psychiatric disorder. No major differences in prevalence preoperative
were seen between the age groups. Women ≤ 39 year old showed the highest
increase of prevalence post-operative.
Conclusions. Approximately one in six patients were diagnosed with a psychiatric
comorbidity before autologous breast reconstruction. Post-operative, an additional 20.5%
developed a psychiatric disorder. There was no difference in prevalence and moment of
diagnosis between the age groups.

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