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Invloed van feedback met behulp van 3D Gait op de voorspellende waarde voor blessures

(2016) Vuurberg, N. (Nienke)

AIM – A lot of recreational and competitive runners develop running related injuries. The aim of
this research is to improve the gait of the runners with the help of the 3D Gait system. At the
same time the improving of the gait will improve the injury index score, which is manufactured
by the 3D Gait software. DESIGN – pilot study. METHOD – 20 healthy people were examined
with the help of the 3D Gait system. All participants ran at each measurement at a speed of 9
km/h. They got markers on the feet, shank, thigh and pelvis. Before each measurement the
participants ran 4 minutes at a speed of 9 km/h to warm up, after that the measurement started.
After the first measurement feedback, generated with the help of the report made by the 3D Gait
software, was given to the participants. The parameters on which feedback was given were: Step
frequency, step width, pelvic drop, knee rotation, knee flexion and toe out angle. After the
feedback another 4 minutes of warming up was done and the second measurement was started.
After one month the 3 measurements took place at exactly the same way as the previous two
measurements. RESULTS – A significant improvement between the injury index measured at
measurement 1 and 2, but also a significant improvement between measurement 1 and 2 for the
secondary outcome, the hip, were found. Besides that, participants with running injuries in their
history made a significant higher score than the participants without running injuries in their
history. The feedback given at the hip made the score significantly improve between the three
measurements. CONCLUSION – This research shows that feedback with the help of 3D Gait the
injury index can be improved, but this improvement does not remain after 1 month.

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