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Het effect van Kinesiotape op knieabductie, heupadductie en knieflexie tijdens hardlopen en de invloed op de knieproprioceptie

(2016) Ploeg, N. (Nanne)

The popularity of running continues to increase and consequently, so does the number of running related injuries. Kinesiotape is widely used in the treatment of injuries, but evidence for positive effects is limited. This study measures the effect of kinesiotape on the knee and hip joint angles. In addition, we examine the effect on proprioception, which may have part in the developing of injuries as well. The effect on the pain score is also included in this study.
A total of 27 recreational runners (8 men, 19 women) were recruited, 6 of which had a history of knee injuries. The rest of them were free of (knee) injuries. Each of them had to run on a treadmill for a few minutes, with and without kinesiotape. Kinematic data was obtained through 3D movement analysis and the pain score (VAS-score) was assessed. The difference in proprioception was measured by the joint position sense (JPS) using MR Cube software. Finally, the average deviation of the correct position was determined in both situations. Data was analyzed using paired tests in SPSS.
No significant difference between running with and without kinesiotape was found in the knee and hip joint angles or in the pain score. No difference was measured even when merely the participants with knee problems or the participants with a higher knee abduction angle than average were included. The kinesiotape had no effect on proprioception (p=0,062), but did cause a significant improvement in the group of runners who had poor proprioception without tape (p=0,005).
Kinesiotape had no effect on the knee and hip kinematics or the pain score during running. The tape caused an improvement in the group of runners who had a reduced proprioception without tape. Further research based on a larger, more specific study population and multiple tape techniques is necessary to determine the true impact of kinesiotape.

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