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EHealth module voor mannen met plasklachten

(2018) Slijkhuis, B.G.C.

Many elderly men suffer from micturition problems (LUTS); however a good self-management program seems to be missing. This study aims to investigate if an online self-management program is of use for men who suffer from LUTS.
For this study an extensive literature search was performed for advices given to men with LUTS. Afterwards a website was developed, in which was tried to give each individual patient a personalized advice. For evaluation on the usage of the website, 6 patients were interviewed in a semi-structured manner. Also a survey with a level of evidence table was held among general practitioners, urologists and residents in these fields, to evaluate to which degree they recommended certain advices.
Patients who tested the website made some very important advices. They vocalized an appreciation for a more detailed explanation on the subject of cancer. Also the lay-out of the website needs to be rethought of, since some patients described it as being childish. Physicians only advised negatively on the subject of double voiding (48.5%). There were mixed opinions on the subject fluid intake management (35.3% negative vs. 44.1% positive), on this topic there was a discrepancy between the groups as mostly general practitioners and their residents were negative about it (53.3% and 61.1%).
The interviewed patients were positive on the usage of the website. Furthermore many useful remarks were made concerning the lay-out of the website. Physicians who participated in the survey were generally positive about the postulated advises. Only one was rejected (double voiding). Remarkable is that for 4 advices where no evidence was provided, a positive recommendation was made. Further research with a control group without a level of evidence seems to be a useful addition. Concluding, it appears the developed website seems to be a useful addition for men who suffer from micturition problems, who were referred to an urologist.

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