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Pain and stress during vasectomies : Perioperative pain and stress experience while distracting the patient with video glasses or virtual reality glasses

(2018) Dings, S. (Sam)

In an earlier study, we found that patients experience relatively much pain during a vasectomy (mean painscore of 3.9). Recent research has shown that music or television can decrease the experienced amount of pain and stress during medical procedures. In this study, we investigated whether 2D videoglasses or virtual reality (VR) glasses are able to influence the amount of pain and stress during a vasectomy. The patient population in this study was powered on a decrease in painscore of 1 point.
Methods and materials Patients who underwent a vasectomy in an outpatient setting were divided sequentially in three groups: control, 2D videoglasses and VR-glasses. Both, the 2D content and the VR content, were shown via a headset. Immediately after the procedure, the maximum pain and anxiety was scored on a visual analog scale (VAS, range 0 – 10). Also, the ‘Trait-part’ of the ‘State-Trait Anxiety Inventory for Adults’ (STAI-AD, range 20 – 80) was scored. This is a 20-item measure for acute stress.
The table shows the most important findings: means (standard deviation). No significant differences were found between the control group and both intervention groups. Nevertheless, 93% of the patients stated to recommend the 2D videoglasses to others against 79% of the patients with the VR-glasses.
Videoglasses and VR-glasses cannot reduced the experienced amount of pain and anxiety during a vasectomy. Probably, this is partly explained because the painscores were lower than the earlier study suggested (2.7 against 3.9).

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