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High prevalence of frailty in an elderly population with heart failure

(2018) Heul, E.A.W. van der

This purpose of this study is to determine the prevalence of frailty in an elderly population with heart failure, and to identify associated factors. Additionally, this study investigates whether practitioners are able to identify frailty without measuring tools.
The study was conducted in Gelre Hospitals in Apeldoorn and Zutphen, The Netherlands, from May 2018 until October 2018. The subjects of this study were patients over 65 years old, diagnosed with heart failure. Participating patients were screened for frailty by using Fried’s criteria, (mild) cognitive impairment and symptoms of depression. NYHA (New York Heart Association) classification, the number of hospital admissions in the year before inclusion, and comorbidities were obtained from the patients’ records. 54 patients were included.
The prevalence of frailty in this study population was 35%. Besides a positive trend between age and frailty (p = 0.03), no associated factors were found. The recognition of frailty by the practitioner was poor, with a sensitivity of 89% but a specificity of 51% and a Cohen’s kappa of 0.35.

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